Uwell Caliburn B6000 Disposable Vape


Uwell Caliburn B6000 Disposable Vape

Hit a new level of vaping power with the Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000, the world's first disposable device. Enjoy a 12ml e-liquid capacity and 15 tantalizing flavors, each one expertly crafted for maximum pleasure. The glossy and colorful cyberpunk design reflects its superior performance, giving you an unforgettable vaping...Read More

Frequently asked questions

The Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000 operates through a battery-powered system that activates upon inhalation. Its 1.2 Ω Mesh Coil technology heats the e-liquid, producing vapor. Smart LED indicators display battery and juice levels, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly vaping experience.

Yes, the Uwell Caliburn Bar B6000 is well-suited for beginners. With no need to assemble or refill the e-juice, it becomes hassle-free, even for novice vapers.

This vaping device has a 600 mAh battery and a Type-C charging port.

This is a disposable vape means you don’t need to make any special efforts for maintenance. However, you can clean the vape body and mouthpiece with a clean, damp cloth for hygiene.

No, using the device while charging for your safety is not recommended. Plus, it can also malfunction the device system. Thus, you should fully charge the Uwell Caliburn B6000 and then enjoy vaping.

The device doesn’t come with a specific turn-on/off button. This is a draw-activated gadget that turns on automatically when you put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale.

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