If there’s one thing Freemax is known for, it’s their ability to coax the most complex, rich, and bold flavor out of any e liquid. A lot of this skill has to do with the coil designs that they come up with, which is why the Freemax Maxluke 904L X Mesh Coils are an excellent choice if you’re using the Freemax Maxluke, Fireluke M, or even the Fireluke 2 Tank. You’ll receive a pack of 5 coils, and you can choose between the individual configurations based on your personal vaping preferences.

Each coil uses innovative tea fiber cotton as its wicking material, which goes above and beyond to offer stellar flavor as well as cloud capabilities. Military grade SS904L mesh material provides more consistency between each draw while preventing dry hits along the way. The highly unique design of these coils does wonders when it comes to taking your vapes to new levels of enjoyment.

These coils give you the continued sub-ohm vaping power that you’ve been looking for.

Package Contents Include: 

  • 1 x 5-Pack of Freemax Maxluke 904L X Mesh Coils

Features & Specs: 

  • Freemax Maxluke Coil Series
  • FM CoilTech 4.0
  • 0.15ohm 904L X1 Single Mesh (Rated for 40W – 80W)
  • 0.2ohm 904L X2 Dual Mesh (Rated for 40W – 80W)
  • 0.5ohm 904L X2 Dual Mesh  (Rated for 20W – 50W)
  • 0.15ohm 904L X3 Triple Mesh (Rated for 50W – 90W)
  • 0.4ohm 904L X4 Quad Mesh (Rated for 40W – 80W)
  • Wicking Material Type: Tea Fiber Cotton
  • Threaded Coil Installation