Do you always struggle with the battery issues of your Lost Mary Vape and have no idea what’s going wrong? Despite buying vape from a genuine brand, the battery can still be a major point of concern! Maybe you are using it the wrong way, or there are technical faults that need to be identified and addressed on time. The reason can be any, but malfunctioning in the battery is a red flag, posing serious health hazards. This blog has adequate knowledge of battery’s safe usage and associated problems. Spare a few next minutes to go through the information attentively; you will get answers like how to charge Lost Mary vape and what are possible technical issues ruining your experience. 


Safe Recharging of Lost Mary Vape 

Some vaporizers come with built-in LED indicators showing battery levels, but many disposable vapes still come without this monitoring system (making them more affordable). Without prior experience, we will help you figure out the right time to recharge. Carefully notice the following signs:- 

  • Notice the size of the vapor clouds. Are they thinner than usual? If yes, this is the time you have to plug in the charger. 
  • If the flavor quality has been decreased despite an adequate amount of e-liquid, your battery is about to drain out. 

Recharging your vape 

  • Get your charging cable that came with the Lost Mary vape rechargeable device and connect with a charging adaptor. If the original cable is not available, use your phone charger (if the port is compatible). 
  • Insert your charger in the board socket, or you can also use a power bank and laptop to recharge in mobility. While traveling with your disposable vape, it is advisable to carry the charging cable along with a power bank of good wattage. 
  • Connect the charging port with your vaporizer, and it will turn on your Lost Mary vape charging light. 
  • Wait according to the charging time mentioned on your device and plug it out. It is ready to produce great-quality vapor clouds with proper flavors and consistency. 

Most Common Issues With Charging a Vape 

Charging port issues

If the charging port is damaged or loose, the vaporizer will not charge properly. Device replacement is the only solution, as disposable vapes don’t have body compatibility for disassembling. 

Charger issues

If the charger is damaged or not compatible with the vaporizer, it will not charge properly. Check the wattage capacity of your vape and compare it with the charging plug’s efficiency before using it.  

Cable issues

If the cable used to charge the vaporizer is damaged or not compatible, it will not charge properly. Try using other cables. Charging port issues: If the charging port is damaged or loose, the vaporizer will not charge properly.


Damaged or obsolete battery

If the battery of rechargeable vapes Lost Mary is damaged or has reached the end of its lifespan, it may not hold a charge or charge properly.

Power source issue 

If the power source (such as a USB port or outlet) is not functioning properly, the vaporizer will not charge.

Reduced Battery capacity

Vaporizer battery capacity may be reduced over time. This may cause charging to take longer or may not charge at all. In that case, disposables vape needs to be replaced because they don’t come with a detachable battery. 

Environmental Temperature

If the vaporizer is being charged in a very hot or cold environment, it may affect charging. You will notice extended charging time as well as faster discharge than usual. 


If the vaporizer becomes overheated during charging, it may stop charging to prevent damage. It generally happens when you are using an incompatible charger continuously for a long time, or the battery is damaged. 

This is all about the Lost Mary vape charging issues, possible reasons, and solutions. For further clarification about the technical specifications of our products, you can speak to our front desk support representative.