A drastic shift from cigarette smokers to vaping has led e-cigarette manufacturers to buckle up and have a competitive edge. Considering the demand trends, the newly launched Lost Mary vapes showcase over-the-top features and remarkable quality. While compact and easy to carry, vaping devices require additional protection to last longer. Lost Mary MT15000 Turbo Disposable Vape justify the growing customer demands by being shockproof, waterproof, and whatnot. 

Whether you wish to satisfy your kinks of vaping in the shower or simply want to carry them to a pool party, you can be sure to protect your vape without additional effort. This guide will uncover the common beliefs around waterproof vapes and give you some deeper insights. Keep reading along….


Are Lost Mary vapes waterproof?

While waterproofing has become a standard attribute for daily use gadgets, high-quality vapes now showcase this feature as well. This helps the device perform in versatile surroundings and become a go-to option for vapers these days.  

Waterproofing is done by using additional materials in the construction of the device, like special seals or coatings on inner components, or using a waterproof vape case or sleeves to protect the device. It helps to protect the device from accidental exposure to water, extending the lifespan of the vape.

Extending the Waterproofing Efficiency of Your Disposable Vape

Although preventing the reusable vape from getting wet may not seem under your control, you can certainly follow some measures to retain its functionalities for a long period. 

  1. The first thing you want to do after your vape gets wet is pulling out its battery. 
  2. Next, disassemble all the removable parts, like the mouthpiece, particularly.
  3. Once all the parts are separated, clean the body with a damp cloth to eliminate any surface dirt or grime.
  4. Allow all the parts to air dry separately and assemble them afterward.

This will certainly extend the life of the disposable vape and protect the waterproofing layer altogether. 

Using a disposable waterproof vape is the most easy and safe way to get the nicotine hit. With the abundance of flavor choices offered by Lost Mary, the vaping options are truly endless.          

Precautionary Measures to Prevent Your Vape From Getting Wet

Here are a few tips to prevent your vape mod from getting wet:-

Using a drip tip is one option - A drip tip, typically made of metal or plastic, is an attachment that goes over the mouthpiece of a vape. When vaping, this will prevent any liquid from entering your mouth.

Clearomizers are another option - This will allow you to see how much liquid you have left in your tank and avoid leaks altogether.

Finally, using a glass globe atomizer - The coil of these atomizers is contained within a glass cup. This will protect your coil from moisture and enhance the flavor.



The Lost Mary vapes are among the most durable on the market and should survive being dropped or knocked over. If you don't want any more heartache, though, make sure the tank is not constructed of glass. However, the case, choosing a premium quality waterproof vape pen reaps greater benefits.