Frequently asked questions

zig zag wraps, a name that resonates deeply within the smoking community, represent more than just rolling papers. They are symbolic of a rich tradition and the evolution of hand-rolled smoking. Crafted to perfection, these premium quality papers are not mere accessories, but rather an essential component for many who appreciate the art of rolling. When you choose zig zag wraps, you're not just selecting any rolling paper; you're opting for an experience. Formulated with natural ingredients, these wraps promise not only a consistent burn but also a smoothness that elevates the overall smoking experience. The emphasis on quality ensures that every drag is memorable, without any harsh aftertaste.

Keeping your zig zag wraps fresh is crucial to maintaining the quality of your rolls. Exposure to extreme conditions can degrade the paper's texture and, in some cases, its taste. As such, always store your wraps in a cool and dry environment. Direct sunlight can sap the moisture from the wraps, rendering them brittle. Moreover, the original packaging of zig zag wraps is designed not just for aesthetics but also for preservation. By ensuring the wraps remain sealed in their packet until needed, you ensure that they retain their moisture, flexibility, and optimal rolling characteristics.

The world of smoking has evolved over the years, and so have the preferences of its enthusiasts. While the purists might lean towards the unaltered taste of tobacco or herbs, many have found allure in flavored wraps. zig zag, always at the forefront of innovation, offers a range of flavored wraps designed to tantalize the palate.

Yes! zig zag wraps are versatile and can be used for both tobacco and various herbal smoking blends. Their durability and even burn to make them a favorite choice among enthusiasts.

zig zag Wraps typically offer a more substantial, often flavored wrap option, while traditional rolling papers are thin and more neutral in taste. Your preference will depend on the smoking experience you're seeking.

Wraps, like zig zag's, often provide a slower burn and can enhance the flavor profile of the smoke. Their thickness can hold more product and sometimes offer a different mouthfeel. Flavored wraps, in particular, add a unique aromatic experience to each session.

What's the history behind the zig zag brand?

zig zag has a rich history that dates back over a century. Named after the Zouave soldier depicted on the original packaging, the brand has become iconic in the smoking world. Its longevity speaks to its quality and trustworthiness in the industry.

As the industry evolves, many companies prioritize sustainability. While specific eco-credentials can vary, look for products made from organic, sustainably-sourced materials. Some wraps may also be biodegradable, reducing environmental impact.

Choosing is a matter of personal preference. For those new to flavored wraps, starting with a mild or popular flavor like vanilla or grape can be a good introduction. Over time, exploring exotic blends will help determine your favorite pairing with your chosen herbal blend or tobacco.

If you're new to using wraps, start by ensuring your product is finely ground. Distribute it evenly and take your time rolling, securing the wrap tightly to ensure an even burn. If using flavored wraps, pair with a complementary blend to maximize the flavor experience.