What Is Raw?

RAW is a brand of rolling papers that has become interchangeable with natural and additive-free smoking. RAW joint papers are made from unbleached plant fibres, primarily hemp, and are designed to be as natural and authentic as possible. The company also produces a variety of other smoking accessories, such as rolling machines and filters, all... Read More


Frequently asked questions

RAW rolling papers are made from natural, unbleached fibers derived from plants. The exact composition can vary slightly depending on the specific variant of RAW rolling papers, but they are usually made from a blend of flax and hemp fibers. These fibers are unrefined, which gives RAW papers their distinctive brownish color.

RAW rolling papers do not contain additives and are entirely natural. They are manufactured from a combination of pure, unprocessed flax and hemp fibers. In their rolling papers, RAW takes pride in using natural resources and keeps bleaching, colors, and chemicals away from its products. A natural and clean smoking experience is the end product. RAW sheets' thin and light texture is renowned for creating an even burn. Consumers looking for a natural and additive-free option for their smoking needs frequently choose RAW rolling papers.

Yes, RAW rolling papers are vegan-friendly. They are made from natural plant-based fibers. RAW ensures that its papers are free from any animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Vegan smokers can confidently choose RAW rolling papers as a cruelty-free option for their smoking needs.

RAW rolling papers come in a variety of sizes; the most common dimensions of the pre-rolled tip has an 18mm length and a 6mm sphere diameter.

Yes, you can roll joints and cigarettes with RAW rolling papers. Both tobacco cigarettes and weed joints can be rolled with RAW rolling papers. Since they are composed of natural, unbleached fibers, smoking with them is hygienic and comfortable. Just be careful to select the right paper size for the smoke you want to enjoy.

The first step in using RAW rolling sheets is to crumble your favorite smoking substance onto the paper. Shape it and distribute it equally. Roll the paper between your fingers to make a cylinder by tucking one end of it around the object. Before lighting, lick the adhesive strip, seal the roll, and let it dry.

Do RAW rolling papers come with filters or tips?

Some RAW rolling papers come with filters or tips like our RAW PRE-ROLLED TIPS 200/BAG and RAW PRE-ROLLED PERFECT CONE TIPS - 21CT/20PK. But others are sold separately, letting customers select the filter or tip they want.

Certainly, you can use RAW rolling papers to make your own cigarettes.

Yes, RAW rolling papers are renowned for burning slowly, giving smokers a more satisfying experience than with other fast-burning papers.

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RAW rolling papers should be kept in a cool, dry location, away from sunlight and humidity. Place them in an airtight container or resealable bag to restrict them from absorbing moisture while preserving their freshness. To ensure that the papers are in the best possible condition for use, avoid bending or crushing them.