Tackle the challenge of the POD JUICE X OXBAR MAGIC MAZE PRO 10K DISPOSABLE. The 650mAh battery and adjustable wattage from 11W to 15W lets you customize your vaping experience. With a Mesh 1.0Ω Coil, bottom airflow control, and Smart LED Screen Display, you'll get a smooth, clean puff every time. Enjoy the freedom of the 18mL...Read More

Frequently asked questions

No, the Pod Bar Juice x OXBAR is not designed for use with external or personal e-liquids. It is specifically configured to work with the integrated e-liquid provided by the manufacturer for optimal performance and safety. Using other e-liquids can damage the device or result in undesirable outcomes.

No, the Pod Bar Juice x OXBAR is not refillable. It is a disposable vape device, which means it cannot be refilled with e-liquid. It is, however, rechargeable, allowing you to recharge the battery when needed for multiple uses until the e-liquid is depleted.

Definitely, the Pod Bar Juice x OXBAR is suitable for beginners. Its user-friendly inhale-activated operation and disposable design make it an accessible choice, requiring no prior experience with complex vaping setups or maintenance.

The Pod Bar Juice x OXBAR vape duration depends on usage. Typically, a single device can last several hundred puffs or more, equivalent to several days to a week of moderate vaping. Individual usage patterns and e-liquid capacity also influence longevity.

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